Sunday, December 13, 2009

YPCity Makes A Splash

Last week, a sizable contingent of excited young professionals filled the room at Front Page News in Atlanta for the inaugural YPCity Tweet Up. Serving as a co-host of the event along with Katie Wall, I was simply overwhelmed by the turnout, at times having to squeeze through flocks of people engaged in deep conversation.

Marking my first foray into the world of Tweet Ups, I was very impressed - although not surprised - by the energy and enthusiasm that exuded from the room. YPCity was conceived as an chance for Atlanta's Young Professionals to network and mingle amongst a like-minded demographic. Based on the collective feedback from a number of folks I've talked to, it seems the event lived up to its expectation.

The subsequent YPCity coverage was - at least for me - a surreal experience. A blog post from Amani Channel provided a primer on the popular Poken, social media networking devices that were given away to three lucky YPCity attendees, compliments of PokenGirl. The post also featured an earlier video of Peter Shankman sharing his affinity for the innovative device. Additionally, video of the festivities taken by Steve Burns found its way on CNN iReport, much to my astonishment.

I'd like to take this opportunity - while I have you all here - to once again thank everyone again for their attendance, support and kind words. Based on the success of YPCity, an encore is certainly within the realm of possibility. Stay tuned...


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