Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Media Relations Boot Camp, Cajun Style

Prior to the PRSA GA August Luncheon, PR professionals listened as wildly vivacious, tremendously experienced, Media Trainer, Dr. Joseph Trahan, instructed on how to masterfully interact with the media. Louisiana native, Trahan, not only spoke Cajun to the group and belted out his favorite tunes, he enthusiastically lectured on how to prep clients to speak on camera and develop key messages that viewers will remember. Trahan even touched on how to dress and what not to wear. Adding a little spice to the seminar, Trahan recounted incidents from his experience in governmental, association, and educational and non-profit public relations.

Training with the group were Trey Burley (PAWS Atlanta), Miller Jackson (Hospitality Investment Firm) and Audrey Califf (Reynolds Group). For more information about PRSA GA and the September luncheon, visit http://prsageorgia.org/.


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