Friday, July 10, 2009

Ad Age Hits the Nail on the Head: Learning Twitter? Don't Take Your Cues From These Agencies

Interesting article...could this be why most "ad firms" are bad at public relations (PR) too? Maybe they do a better job talking about it and selling it to clients than doing it...just a thought.

NEW YORK ( -- As Twitter moves into the business mainstream -- nearing some 35 million unique global visitors, according to ComScore -- it's increasingly clear that one community has yet to fully embrace the social-networking tool du jour: agencies.

The irony is that the same people clients hire to erect communications and social-media strategies often appear uncomfortable using Twitter themselves.

One stark example: A couple of months back, Volvo struck a landmark ad-placement deal with YouTube to promote the Twitter feed for its XC60 model (@VolvoXC60). But the agency that created the innovative rich-media ad for Volvo, Havas' Euro RSCG, has an account (@Euro_RSCG) that's never been used.

Asked what gives, a Euro spokeswoman said: "We're developing our Twitter strategy and in the meantime want to hold onto the name. It's a Catch-22: You don't want your Twitter handle stolen, but you also don't want to start using it before you're really ready."

Whatever the case may be, save for a few shining examples of shops that "get it," agencies need to catch up with their clients -- and fast.

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Source: Ad Age


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