Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Journalist Are Finding (And USING Blogs)...

This article on PRNewswire's MediaInsider is why PR folks need to start getting blog savvy! From the mouths of reporters to the ears of PR professionals it's safe to say blogs are here and they are part of the media mix (look for more data on this from Arketi Group soon!).

Randy Covington, director of the IFRA Newsplex, is quoted in this article. He is a super guy that I had the privilege of meeting at a MIT event earlier this year...His statement that PR folks need to understand that blogging is not "real complicated and expensive" is spot on.

Blogs Gaining Ground Among Online Journalists

by Maria Perez on Wed 20 Sep 2006 01:57 PM EDT
By Brian Anderson, PR Newswire Media Relations

Newspapers are finally embracing the use of blogs when it comes to communicating with their audiences, and Web-surfing journalists are encouraging professional communicators to offer blogs as an online resource for the media.

To read more visit: MediaInsider


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