Friday, September 08, 2006

Let them eat cake…no, seriously

Lately, it’s been a good time to be an employee at Arketi Group – not to say it’s EVER a bad time to be an employee. But the recent “icing on the cake” of working at my company is just that…cake.

We have entered a string of birthdays here in the office, each of which necessitates a cake and celebration. This got me thinking.

Birthdays are meant to both celebrate and reward people for another year of life. If you think the term “reward” is a bit of a stretch I would point to all the times life has tried to trip you up in the last year – the guy who cut you off on your way to work last week, that freak shaving accident and your neighbor’s pit bull, aptly named Princess.

As such, rewards are important for morale within any company, especially one that’s sole purpose is to help other companies thrive. A pat on the back is nice and a praise-filled note can be brought out on a rainy day, but for my money few things beat cake. Whatever the form, be it chocolate, ice cream or cup cakes the words of appreciation will roll in.

So for all you managers, directors, owners and presidents of companies remember one thing, praise breeds continually improving returns. So go on, let them eat cake.


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