Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Pay To Play? Harte-Hanks to acquire AberdeenGroup

AberdeenGroup has long been known as a "for-hire" technology analysts firm...well this news is likely to only further this...it's great for Harte-Hanks but we are skeptical about how great it is for Aberdeen's clients, or its credibility as a true technology analyst firm competing with the Gartner, Yankee Group, Forrester and IDC.

That said, given the tough environment tech analyst firms have had over the last 5-6 years we suspect the "all cash deal" was attractive.

Harte-Hanks to acquire AberdeenGroup

San Antonio, Texas -- Direct marketing company Harte-Hanks announced Tuesday that it has agreed to acquire AberdeenGroup, a Boston-based market research company that specializes in technology.

Source: BtoBonline.com FULL STORY


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