Friday, May 01, 2009

Peeking Behind the Curtain of Behavioral Targeting

Arketi executives attended this month's American Marketing Association (AMA) Marketing Technology event, featuring a distinguished group of behavioral targeting experts, including Brant McLean (Specific Media), Charlie Chance (AJC Media Solutions), Mitch Scharf (Yahoo!) and Tricia Ekholm (Atlanta Ballet). Moderated by Glen Caruso (Tremor Media), the panelists discussed how to effectively use behavioral targeting to understand their customers better and deliver greater ROI. Several key points were made during the discussion, such as the importance of using a broad media mix of channels (direct mail, online advertising, broadcast, etc) and multiple touches to influence consumers to buy. To identify behavioral targets, marketers have access to a number of online metrics, including search terms used, ads clicked on, content viewed and page visit frequency.

Panelists also discussed privacy issues resulting from the tremendous amount of consumer data marketers are collecting and noted that while online marketing is very similar to direct mail marketing, it is actually more anonymous. Spotted in the audience were Gretchen Vogel and Shane Metzger (EyeWonder), Lance King (Definition 6), and Michael Madden (The Weather Channel). For more information about AMA, visit


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