Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Microcomputer Pioneers Dish Great Stories and Real Advice to Tech Execs

Tech executives from across Atlanta came together Tuesday (03/17/09) at the March TER meeting to hear from true legends in microcomputer technology revolution.

The event united five of the biggest Atlanta-based pioneers in the microcomputer revolution which started in the late 1970s. John Yates (Morris, Manning, and Martin) lead a spirited panel featuring: Richard Brock (Brock Control Systems, Firstwave and LeadLife), Ben Dyer (Peachtree Software and TechDrawl), Les Freed (Microstuf/Crosstalk Communications), Dennis Hayes (Hayes Microcomputer Products) and Said Mohammadioun (Samna and Synchrologic).

Above: Left to right Dennis Hayes, Ben Dyer and Les Freed.

Dyer recollected that when he first met Bill Gates (Microsoft), “Bill was just a millionaire.” Freed tracked early ATL tech success back to the Atlanta Area Microcomputer Hobbyist Club, while Brock said tech success today with the SaaS model is based on “earning the business monthly.”

Above: Left to right: Richard Brock and Said Mohammadioun.

Hayes noted that two things have remained the same in building a successful tech company 1) focusing on the customer by ALWAYS taking care of their problems and 2) learning how to become a marketing company because “technology is just what we do.”

Executives on hand for the breakfast event included TER President Price Harding (CarterBaldwin), Mike Neumeier and Sami Jajeh (Arketi Group), Bob Estes (Reveille Software), Keith Washington (Flo Healthcare), Gregory Evans (LIGATT Security), Robert Ball (OfficeArrow), David Mims (Mimsware), Doug Starr (TaxConnex), Garland Duvall (Datatrac), Heinz Wegener (Cross Technologies) and James Friedman (FX Bridge Technologies).

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