Sunday, March 15, 2009

Live Essentials Look to be Live

Just downloaded and tested the latest version of Microsoft Live Messenger. The UI looks to be unnecessarily changed – we will see if it makes one more productive over time. However, a number of nifty tools have been added, including an easy-to-use blog tool that enables you to write to all of the various blog programs out there from a simple “Word-like” editor that interfaces to and integrates with the various blog sites. Another tool is the photo gallery tool which rocks compared to looking at photos through Windows Explorer. Sporting a Web 2.0 interface, it automatically sorts photos into directories by date, enables pop-up/overlays for easy viewing without having to open the file, and enables you to tag photos to users that you have setup on Microsoft Live Messenger. All-in-all a worthy upgrade. Critical note, as with any other Microsoft upgrade/tool, they will try to change your search to default to LiveSearch. Sorry, Microsoft, not quite ready to switch from Google.

Why should marketers care? Marketers need to see, breathe, know and live the latest tools, whatever they are… blogs, updated interactive experience, etc. If you don’t experience and live in that world, you will quickly become out-of-touch with what your customers are experiencing and wanting (from your company, your product, and your website).


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