Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Feeling Patriotic Today

The historic moment of the inauguration of our 44th president was not lost on those of us busy working here at Arketi. A group of us broke early for lunch today to watch the once in a lifetime event as President Obama assumed the leadership of our country. All agreed that this peaceful transfer of powers is what makes our country so very special.

As a group with diverse political ideas and views, it’s safe to say we all wish President Obama the very best.
How some of us at Arketi felt today:

I felt incredibly proud watching the inauguration of the first African-American president in our country’s history. To borrow a quote from an observer of the festivities: “This is America happening. It was prophesied by the Rev. Martin Luther King that we would have a day when everyone would come together. This is that day.” -- Mousa

I confess I found myself surprisingly moved – more so than I had expected – and profoundly aware of the huge burden of hopes and expectations which Obama now shoulders, not just for the US, but for the world. -- Rory

Today’s inauguration was such a surreal experience. The magnitude of this historic event hasn’t hit me yet, but I know that I just witnessed my generation’s “walking-on-the-moon” moment. -- Annette

I felt lucky to witness such a great moment in history and to be able to tell the story to future generations who may not realize the profound impact of just how far we’ve come as a nation. Although many people (the media in particular) would argue that America has dug itself a hole into a dark and dismal economic future, today provided a more optimistic and hopeful point of view for Americans everywhere. The positive tone was refreshing-- a nice change of tone from the recent news broadcasts. -- Ashley
Optimistic. The inauguration gave me feelings of confidence and heightened excitement that good times can come. As Americans in a struggling environment, we need to have positive thoughts about the outlook of our nation. Obama mentioned the troubles we are facing but more importantly he dwelled on the strengths of our country and our people. His speech was real and honest and in then end left me with feelings of hope and optimism about brighter days to come. -- Amy
My thoughts ranged from extreme pride to an overwhelming sense of gratitude to all the people before us, including my ancestors, who made this day possible. It is amazing to witness how President Obama has inspired Americans to want more and expect more from our country and each other. Now, we act! -- Jackie
I felt very proud of being an American. -- Sami


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