Wednesday, December 03, 2008

OK...Print is Not Dead...

This article (and report) is worth reading...while there continues to be strong support for print media among the "C-Suite" the online numbers are impressive and really do beat out print in terms of "top information source"...

Business Leaders Voraciously Consume Print, TV, Internet

Despite recent gloom-and-doom reports for some traditional print and broadcast media, the highest echelon of C-Suite business executives in the US remain heavy consumers of newspapers, TV and magazines in addition to online sources, according to the Business Elite: USA 2008/2009 Survey (pdf) from Ipsos Mendelsohn.

The study, which examines the media habits, technology use and top concerns of affluent businesspeople, finds that print readership among this demographic - though down slightly from 2007 - remains relatively stable across categories. Findings also indicate that the “Business Elite” turn to different media sources for different types of news.

Some 88% of the Ipsos Mendelsohn’s Business Elite report reading the last issue of any print media, with 60% having read the last issue of any daily publication, and 57% saying they read the last issue of any monthly publication.

Source: Marketing Charts


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