Friday, November 17, 2006

A New Day, A New Life

So I’ve done it! I’ve been reborn. No, I’m not a member of some wacky, fundamentalist cult, it’s so much better than that. I’m an avatar (my mother would be so proud, cue the banally supportive, “That’s great, dear”).

Yes, I have entered Second Life. I’m still very new to this digital world but I’m beginning to get my bearings. I can walk, talk, jump, teleport and fly. I encourage anyone who has ever dreamed of being Superman or dressed up as the Man of Steel (such as myself) to logon now.

My first session in Life Part Deux ended with me stuck on some Venus flytrap of an island, or as I referred to it in my digital disdain, Alcatraz. My second session, though, began with my great escape and further exploration of The New World.

One thing I noticed was a surprising level of anti-social behavior, especially considering this is a social networking site! Not one of the people I attempted to “speak with” would respond. The repeated brush-off was vexing. Were these people just as new to SL as I am or was it something worse? What earned me this computational cold-shoulder? Did I commit a pixilated faux pas? Does my avatar suffer from an ungodly case of halitosis? At least the parrot on the Survivor-ish titled “Orientation Island” spoke to me – even if it was in a mockingly repetitive way.

Marooning and lampooning aside, my first two sessions in Second Life have proven interesting. There are some amazing “structures” that undoubtedly took many an hour, if not days to create, special events abound, and if your bubble burst in the real life real estate market you can get in on the Second Life racket.

I will report back should I experience a marketing-related, Second Life epiphany. In the meantime, if you venture into this server-hosted society look me up, my avatar is Wordsmith Maverick.


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