Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Get A(nother) Life

What’s the deal with Second Life? I have been looking into this realm and I’m still not completely sure. For those of you who have less of an idea about this online arena than I do, allow me to somewhat explain.

The tech-wizards of the West have created an online community call Second Life www.secondlife.com. In this online community you have the technology to build yourself…yes, smarter and faster…but honestly in any way you would like. Have you wondered if blonds really have more fun? Are you in the midst of an identity crisis? Did you always want an alter-ego? Well my friends, here is your opportunity. You can create your own online “self” – known in Second Life as an avatar – in any way you would like.

Beyond creating a digital representation of your physical self, you can create a business, own an island and purchase goods using actual money. Each day Second Life reports the astounding amounts of REAL money exchanged each day - $531,471 in the 24 hours preceding this post.

How does this happen? I’m really not sure – hence the reason I don’t live in Silicon Valley. But people are taking notice. Companies are opening businesses, artists are staging concerts and politicians are holding interviews in the digital domain. Also of interest, Congress is trying to figure out if it should regulate, track and tax the exchange of money in this virtual community.

How does Second Life benefit marketers? I’m really not sure – but I intend to find out! Keep your eyes open for the Arketi avatar and our office in Second Life. And for you die-hard readers of this blog, yes, I intend to bring my mustard-yellow wall with me to the virtual world!


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