Thursday, November 09, 2006

The Rise of Democrats...Will It Impact The Marketing Industry?

Well, who knows...some say "yes, and the first 100 hours will be painful"...others suggest it will be "more of the same." It could mean more oversight of some industries (i.e., pharma and energy) and it might bring discussions of the ad tax or media ownership (and let's be honest discussion on topics is not bad, if it's fair and balanced -- yes Brian I used those words just to make you read this twice).

I am not willing or able to make any predictions regarding the impact of the Democrats' sweep, but here are what other are saying:

Democrats Set Sights on Drug Ads and Media Ownership (Ad Age)
Election Day Post-Mortem For Marketers (MediaPost)
Election FalloutAt-A-Glance (MediaPost)


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