Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Getting Marketing Messages in the CXO Suite

The Oct. 10th issue of BtoB magazine includes a great article by Roger Slavens titled: "Reaching the elusive, lucrative CXO niche"

Why is this article so great? Well, shameless plug, (1) it quotes Arketi Group Principal Mike Neumeier and (2) the counsel is spot on!

Have a read for yourself.

Writing relevant and challenging columns, blogs and white papers, speaking at industry events, conducting research and sharing case studies all resonate with C-level audiences, Neumeier said. "One of the biggest benefits of thought leadership is that most executives enjoy talking about their company and enjoy sharing their own thoughts," he said. "So if you can engage them in a mental discussion, rather than a feature/function [pitch], you will gain traction and stand a better chance of staying relevant and on their radar."

Source: BtoB magazine (Oct. 10 issue)


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