Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Watch This One: Consumers Would Watch Ad to Get Free Video Download

Most iPod users say they'd be willing to watch an ad in return for obtaining free video downloads, writes AdAge, citing a survey of iPod owners by Frank N. Magid Associates, which found that 54 percent of respondents would be more likely to purchase a video iPod if TV programs could be downloaded gratis, in exchange for watching a 30-second ad. Among those planning to purchase a video iPod, 72 percent said they would be more likely to download a TV program in exchange for watching an ad.

Interesting, but not to beat a dead horse, we think savvy companies will provide EDUCATIONAL content to iPod users in an effort to build thought leadership. Thought leadership - I give you knowledge you want and you give me credit for being smart – has a real impact on both B2C and B2B consumers. The 30-second advertisement has gong the way of the man in the gray flannel suit, does it really matter if it’s on a 1 inch by 1 inch screen or a 40 inch screen.


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