Friday, March 21, 2008

Search Engine Marketing

The TAG Marketing society met yesterday to discuss the latest information regarding Search Engine Marketing. The moderator from NeboWeb and panelists from Prominent Placement and Sage Software did an excellent job. Some basic, strong reminders that were shared included: (1) The importance of a strong call to action, (2) Content is king, and (3) Test! Test! Test!

Of course, marketers should know these, but it is always good to be reminded -- and how often, do we sacrifice content, our call-to-action, or testing for expediency sake? Never, right?

Anyway, here are some really good tidbits that they mentioned will help the efficacy of your programs, and I bet you aren't using all of them:
1 - Make sure your press releases are search engine optimized. It is not that hard to make sure the most frequently used phrases in your space show up in the press release.
2 - Always make sure you put your URL on the outside envelope of any direct mail piece - it greatly increases traffic.
3 - Use IndexTools for metrics. It was recommended over Google Analytics, and it keeps Google from knowing what is and is not working on your website (meaning they can't as easily increase prices, when they don't have that information).
4 - Using new media tools on your website (e.g. FlickR, blogs, video, podcasting, etc) will increase the conversion rate and your search rankings. To do that, ensure that you optimize the content and create links back to your website.

All-in-all, another winning TAG Marketing society event with some good information to put into practice.

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