Monday, March 03, 2008

B2B Marketing News Blog Updates

Those of you not following our blog from myspace may have noticed a few changes in the preceding months. We added a few new features thanks to some ideas gleaned from others in the blogosphere and a social bookmarking section.

We’ve added a blogroll so you can check out some of our favorite blogs. Links to all of them are available at the bottom of our sidebar on the right. They are listed with a short description below:

  • There are a number of “mainstream” marketing blogs including Marketing Sherpa, Marketing Profs, Business 2.0 and AMA Marketing News.

  • If you’re into fantastic tips and ideas for social media and the online world, I suggest checking out Jeremiah Owyang’s blog, Web Strategy by Jeremiah.

  • Professor and friend of Arketi, Kaye Sweetser, Ph.D, APR, maintains her own blog, so this is mass communications?, covering all things surrounding those media.

  • Brand DNA, by Stan Lee; KD Paine’s PR Measurement Blog, and O’Dwyer’s odwyerpr blog are all single-author blogs that lend insight to PR and marketing.

  • If social media is something you’ve been keeping up on or want to learn more about, definitely stop by Mashable.

  • For those of you with design in mind, check out DesignSessions; an intriguing blog that brings in authors from all over to discuss all aspects of design.

  • And of course, a little fun for anyone “grammatically inclined.” The “Blog” of “Unnecessary” Quotation Marks is a place where people who are sick of or entertained by misused quotation marks can have a voice.

The other big news about our blog is the addition of our social bookmarking bar located just above the blogroll. If you’ve set up an account at any social bookmarking sites, roll your mouse over our bookmark bar to add any useful articles to your list of resources.

We have also added our blog to the blog and social media tracking Website, Technorati. Look us up and add us as one of your favorites. If we haven’t found your blog yet, we’ll be sure to return the favor.

Finally, for more information about blogging, Technorati, blogrolls and social bookmarks, check out our recent podcast on improving your blog titled So You’ve Started a Blog…Now What? You can find it at


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