Thursday, June 21, 2007

Podcasting...A "second life" for radio?

According to podcast listeners still like radio and in fact can drive an increase in radio listening among talk and news stations.

Reporting on finding from Bridge Ratings' "Podcast Panel" the article reports that nearly 20 million US consumers will download and listen to podcasts at least once a week by 2010.

"eMarketer's own projections put the US podcasting audience at 18 million regular subscribers in 2011, with a total potential audience of 55 million. In that year, US advertisers will spend $400 million on podcast advertising."

What we found most interesting was that "the Bridge study also found news and talk podcast listening enhanced radio listening. A statistically significant number of podcast listeners said they had started listening more to radio broadcasts as a result of listening to the podcasts produced by that station. Just over half of respondents said that listening to podcasts affected their radio listening."

Why is this interesting to us?

Well, news and talk radio has always been a good media channel for BtoB marketers to use...if this reseach holds water that means adding podcasting to the BtoB marketing mix will only strengthen this traditional media channel.


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