Friday, June 15, 2007

Goodbye, Mustard Yellow Wall

It’s true . I have bid farewell to my mustard yellow wall. With a new employee starting on Monday a change of office has supplanted me from my yellow-facing seat to one that is much less colorful. You guessed it; I now stare at a vanilla-white wall. How boring is that?

But I can find solace in the blank slate at which I invariably stare. Much like the blank screen one encounters when beginning to write, the white wall presents opportunity to create something from nothing.

When one sits down to write there is often a jumbled mess of words scattered throughout one’s head. If you are lucky, there is the semblance of a structure to the forthcoming rattle of the keyboard. With time, what was once an intimidating blank screen is filled with strategically positioned pixels that – sometimes shockingly – form riveting words, phrases, sentences, paragraphs and even pages.

The white screen is a beginning for all writers, be they authors, journalists, bloggers or marketers. It is an opportunity to create something original, something meaningful or something absolutely earth-shattering. That’s the beauty of writing – even writing as it relates to your work – it is something you can truly call your own.

So back to my new, banal wall. My artistic ability – or rather disability – has been well documented in my office, so do not expect my wall to transform into beautiful mural. If anyone has a particular suggestion for what I should do with my wall please leave me a comment below. Personally, I’d like to cut a hole in the wall and insert a giant shark tank, but for some reason I don’t think my bosses will go for it.

Who knows, maybe I can find some more yellow paint in our storage closet…stay tuned!


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