Tuesday, June 20, 2006

U.S. Companies To Spend 46% More On Marketing

Maybe I like to read headlines like this because I own a firm...but regardless I have to say that this appears to be a good thing for all types of marketers. In addition to the optimistic Marketing Index number the marketing spending indices release are also very interesting. Moving media dollars online continues to be a trend -- one we don't think will slow anytime soon.

Blackfriars Communications sets marketing index at 146 for Q2
Jun 20, 2006

Blackfriars Communications announced that its Blackfriars Marketing Index has been set at 146 for the second quarter. The index reading means that U.S. companies expect to spend 46% more on marketing in the second quarter than they did in an average quarter in 2005.

Blackfriars also released its marketing category indices for 12 categories of marketing spending.
The indices show that more media dollars are moving to online advertising, which grew to 15% of overall marketing spending during the first quarter. Spending on traditional advertising made up 19% of marketing budgets during the first quarter....

Source: BtoBonline.com


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