Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Podcasting for Internal Communications...Smart!

Kudos to National Semiconductor for this move it is a great way to improve internal communications, take advantage of a new media channel and at the end of the day even reduce costs. We have long been a fan of podcasting for internal and channel communications efforts.

In today's communications world podcasts don't have to be like a "Bill and Ted Adventure" radio show...they can be very professional and deliver real content in a way that will encourage the recipent to want to act.

Nice job National Semiconductor!

Source: www.prnew.com

National Semiconductor gives all employees iPods as comms tool

SANTA CLARA, CA: National Semiconductor makes analog products, such as amplifiers, display drivers, and power-management circuits. However, its new approach to internal communications is uniquely digital: The company is giving 30-gigabyte video iPods to all of its 8,500 employees worldwide to deliver training and communications programs.

Jeff Weir, director of worldwide PR for National, said podcasts will include five-to-ten minute video and audio segments of such content as CEO messages to employees worldwide, video training modules, and new product announcements "that people can conveniently download and watch."

"Most companies do sales training before product launches," he added. "The big difference is that if you are reading an e-mail, the experience is very passive and static."


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