Sunday, April 23, 2006

Want to know how to build powerful BtoB messaging?

If the answer is yes check out the latest Arketi Group podcast.

"Four powerful ideas of how to get on the road to building a message that works for your organization" is a great podcast written by Sami Jajeh. I have to say Sami, in addition to being my business parter, is one of the best message developers I know.

This quick podcast is a great way to start thinking about messaging with impact or improving your messaging. During it he offers four quick tips to get you going in the right direction. They are as follows:

Tip one - It’s the target market stupid!

Know who the target market is for your product or service. (An example of targeted messaging in action, see – notice there are three distinct targets and tailored messages for each.)

Tip two - Research! Research! Research!

First – why would customers actually buy the product? Secondly – what do customers care about when they buy the product?

Tip three - The features vs. benefits war.

The most powerful messaging focusing instead on the benefits first – how does it improve my business and/or life?

Tip four - Let’s get emotional!

B2B marketers too often make the mistake of thinking that buyers within businesses just want the facts, which leads to very functional messages. (See a message built around the emotion of trust at

Have a listen and then let me know what you think.


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