Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Is It Time To Give Twitter More Respect?

In reviewing this report we find little impact with regard to BtoB or BtoC organizations. However, in the Fortune 500 many companies sell in both environments (think Microsoft, GE, etc.). Regardless, Twitter scores one here.

Study Finds Twitter is the Fastest Growing Social Media Channel Among Fortune 500

The Fortune 500’s use of blogs, online video, and podcasts continues to increase, but Twitter was the social media channel of choice in 2009.

This was among the key findings of the study, “The Fortune 500 and Social Media: A Longitudinal Study of Blogging and Twitter Usage by America’s Largest Companies,” conducted by Dr. Nora Ganim Barnes, Ph.D., Senior Fellow and Research Chair of the Society for New Communications Research and Chancellor Professor of Marketing at the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth and Eric Mattson, CEO of Financial Insite Inc., a Seattle-based research firm.

The study examined the 2009 Fortune 500 in an attempt to quantify their adoption of social media tools and technologies. This is the second year that Barnes and Mattson have tracked social media adoption among the Fortune 500, and theirs is the only statistically sound longitudinal study of its kind.

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Source: Society for New Communications Research Update - February 2010


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