Wednesday, May 10, 2006

In Time Old Ideas Are New Again…

In 1999 I wrote an article for the premiere issue of eBay Magazine titled “A map for the Web wilderness.” In the article I discussed how portals and search engines were no longer cutting it.

I suggested getting vertical with “extremely vertical Web sites.” The article touched on “vortals” (vertical portals), and I also discussed “vertical search engines.” Yes, I went so far as to suggest the name “vengines!”

Well a quick Google search today proved that my attempt to name a category failed miserably – as did
eBay magazine which found its way to the dot-com graveyard in December 2000. I am sure my article did not contribute to the death of this publication, which for $10 you can purchase all 15 issues on eBay!

However, getting to the point, I though of all this today when I read the following article today… I guess it goes to prove in time all old idea do become new again!

Report explores future of b-to-b search

Chicago—SearchChannel and b-to-b agency Slack Barshinger Tuesday released a white paper that explores the emergence of vertical search engines and other targeted business advertising opportunities. Click to read more...

Source: BtoBonline


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