Saturday, April 29, 2006

Diva Gives Arketi's Podcast a "Virtual" Shout Out!

On Friday we had a chance to sit down with Toby Bloomberg the woman behind Diva Marketing Blog. Having seen her speak a few months ago at an MIT event we know she was smart, but wow did she show it one-on-one.

As a blogger Toby has really made a name for herself and is great at sharing her knowledge with others. As we at Arketi continue to experiment with our own blogs, and as we work with clients on helping them understand the role a blog could have in their marketing mix I am sure it's safe to say we will be working with Toby.

In addition to posting to her blog about our meeting she also called out our podcast. I the spirit of sharing we shared some of our podcasting ideas and experiences with her. And shortly after our meeting she checked out our podcasts…Based on her blog it’s safe to say she liked what she heard.

Diva thanks!


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